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OpenTrack 2d Motion Analysis Software (version 0.11.0)



OpenTrack software allows you to use a movie file from most video cameras and track discreet points in the video. This allows you to determine kinematics (angular and linear) of objects in 2 dimensions.

The workflow of OpenTrack has been designed so as to present the user with an unambiguous user interface which clearly shows novice users how to proceed. The best view of the workflow is via our online tutorials, but the general digitization process of an image is outlined below.

Instead of presenting the user with a confusing array of options at the get-go, users are presented with only the options that are relevant to the given stage of the process with the option to continue or go back at each step. In addition to the tutorials, context sensitive help is available at each screen.

The starting screen gives the user an opportunity to either load up movies from a specific directory or to search for movies anywhere on an accessible drive. Alternatively, a user can load previously tracked data for display of kinematics.

OpenTrack is programmed in HTML and Javascript and due to its extensive reliance on XPCOM to read and write data locally, it requires that you use a recent (17.0+) version of the Firefox web browser. (Earlier versions of OT work on earlier versions of Firefox).

Most recent version is 0.11.0. Download here.