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On March 25, 2013, OpenTrack-0.11.0 was released. Updates are pushed out via, although you can get your first release here. You can also get older versions of OT here on SourceForge. OT is now documented on YouTube and internally.
Disambiguation: There is another OpenTrack project as of 2009. This project is a Web Application Framework for boosting developer productivity. If you are looking for that project please go to:

The OpenTrack website is intended to a be resource for software and hardware pertaining to motion analysis whether it be for biomechanics or physics related purposes. It was created because of the lack of entry level motion analysis solutions for educators interested in introducing their students to the field. While there is no question that many commercial systems are very high quality, such systems are usually cost prohibitive for educators to purchase. Additionally, as digital cameras are now virtually ubiquitous and doubling in resolution and frame rate every few years, it is now possible to do science that is on a par with that done a couple of decades ago using very low cost hardware.

This website contains several components that may be useful to educators and beginning researchers.